A man with his woman and transportation

It’s all any man needs. And a weapons, perhaps, if the natives be wanting to steal a lass or the horse they rode in on.

If ever there was a theme for human sexuality throughout any age, Outlander, as well as many other stories, if not all stories, captures it. As it is now, it ever was.



It’s hard finding time.

Between a family and full-time work, it’s hard to keep a blog going. I find time to write. But promote my writing! Hell! I have children and a wife I love. And I love to fuck my wife, too. A lot. Which is why I write erotica. OK, so I should say “make love.” But we make love all the time. We converse about everything from how nasty our teenage sons treat us, to anal sex, to those bastards Trump and Hillary. (Big wtf?)

I’m starting another blog called themeanchristian.wordpress.com. Why? Because I’m not a nice Christian, but I am a devoted Christian. Who likes sex. And erotica. And who does not write Christian stuff. Life is raw. Christianity is about processing that rawness into something livable.

Meanwhile, my favorite novel, Children of the Moon is on its forth major revision. Discouraging! My second was outstanding, but too long. If I’m to ever get published I have to control my wordiness. So I’m working on it. It’s also difficult to write two main protagonists. Aedhan and Belisama (Benatrik), and their POV’s in one novel is hard. I have decided to go from Aedhan’s POV mainly. It’s more about live in ancient Celtic Briton society anyway.

My other major project is my favorite sexpot Moran Berlin. Still editing the original Visigotha, an actual complete fucking novel! Working on the second of a planned series that may never end, far, far in  the future. The Clogues, inspired by the artwork of adventures of another sexpot, Druuna.

Still want to finish Beowolf, a sci-fi version of story … sort of.

And I want to finish my ancient Zombie series I plan. Sigh…. just not enough time!

Christian Erotica

Since I was a young teen, I remember a biblical story book with pictures for children at my friend’s house. It had beautiful paintings of scenes from the Bible. What was surprising was that it told it true, with depictions of topless girls marching through the desert with their Hebrew family, as this was an age when clothing was minimal.

Of course, there is an the Renaissance and many other Christians artists that depict slightly erotic, or simply truthful paintings that show nudity. And, there is the Song of Solomon, making it very clear that sexuality is not a sin.

So why not Christian erotica in stories?